YHA Eden Project

YHA Eden Project is the only on-site accommodation provider at the Eden Project. The hostel is situated to provide schools and groups the perfect base to explore the Eden Project.



About YHA Eden Project


YHA Eden Project is the only on-site accommodation provider at the Eden Project. Pupils can explore this amazing environment and learn more about the world around us. The hostel itself has 58 ensuite rooms and welcomes school groups of all sizes. Made from shipping containers, YHA Eden Project provides an interesting and comfortable base for your school trip.

Educational packages available include ‘Rainforest Recruits’ and ‘Planet Eden’. ‘Rainforest Recruits’ allows students to learn about the rainforest from trained staff and pupils can even take part in challenges to improve their scientific knowledge. ‘Planet Eden’ teaches students about the connections between people, plants, profit, the planet and you. This complex topic is dealt with in an engaging and fun way to help pupils understand how we all rely on each other to survive.


SEND Facilities

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Age suitability

7-11 yr olds, 11-14 yr olds, 14-16 yr olds, 16-18 yr olds

Key Stages

  • Key Stage 2,

  • Key Stage 3,

  • Key Stage 4,

  • Key Stage 5,

Risk Assessment copy available?

Yes - by email


  • Animals,

  • Habitats,

Risk Assessment Category


Annual opening times

All year

Suitable for disabled/SEND needs


Group Size

Up to 120 people




Curriculum Subjects

Art & Design



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