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Teaching practical, innovative, lifelong learning skills for young people, families and teachers; to reduce stress, increase resilience and promote adaptability.

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About The Emotional Logic Centre

Emotional Logic (EL) was developed in the 1990s by a Devon doctor as a conversational version of systemic family therapy.  EL is not counselling or therapy, but a taught, conversation based skill that helps people build deeper, healthier relationships.

EL is used in schools worldwide to help children, families and staff move forward during challenging times – this may include addressing issues of anger, depression, anxiety or self-harm for pupils and their families in schools. For staff it is often used in the areas of workload, work life balance or conflict resolution. EL helps people of all ages to understand how unpleasant emotions all have useful purposes when seen as part of a process of adjusting to change, disappointment, setback or hurt.  EL moves people beyond current mindfulness strategies of creating a calming ‘safe place’, towards taking reasonable risks with others to address the root of issues and move forward.

The Emotional Logic Centre is a Devon charity led by medical and education professionals. We train schools to set up a self-sufficient support system for both staff and pupils. Schools currently use EL to target specific families and as part of their wider PSHE curriculum accessed by all children.

What does EL offer?

  • A 90 minute introduction to staff or parents
  • A practical, fun-filled day session working with pupils and staff
  • A training day to enable staff to get to grips with the school materials and plan how to roll out EL across their curriculum or with targeted groups.
  • A qualification in Emotional Logic for school staff (5 days)


SEND Facilities

Resources available

Key Information

Age suitability

5-7 yr olds, 7-11 yr olds, 11-14 yr olds, 14-16 yr olds, 16-18 yr olds

Key Stages

  • Key Stage 1,

  • Key Stage 2,

  • Key Stage 3,

  • Key Stage 4,

  • Key Stage 5,

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certification

  • Yes


  • Adaptability,

  • Behaviour management,

  • Character development,

  • PSHE,

  • Resilience,

  • SEND,

  • Transition,

Resources Provided


Suitable for disabled/SEND needs


Group Size

No limit; could do a whole class or several classes together



Behaviour management

Character development





Curriculum Subjects

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

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