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The NSPCC’s Schools Service offers free safeguarding workshops and assemblies to schools in Plymouth. The interactive safeguarding sessions are delivered to children aged 5-11 and focus on topics such as bullying and abuse.

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“The session gave children clear ideas of where they could go for help and advice in a straight forward way. They make it really child friendly.”

Vera Jajechnyk, Head of School and Safeguarding Lead, St John’s Catholic School

“You visited our school last term and it was really fun. I liked Buddy and still remember the number you taught us. It’s nice knowing that Childline is always here for me if I ever need them.”

Girl, age 11

“The NSPCC came into my school today. It was really good to hear about Childline and to know that I can talk to you about anything. I have been getting bullied at school so I have been feeling quite sad. Knowing that Childline is always here for children really helps.”

Boy, age 11

About Together for Childhood Plymouth








Together for Childhood Plymouth is a city-wide partnership uniting organisations and local communities to prevent child sexual abuse. The programme is providing help and support for children and their families at the earliest possible stage, and at a community level, to protect children from harm.

The programme is split into five main areas:

  • Relationship, Sex and Health Education
  • Community Engagement
  • Trauma-informed System
  • Public Health Messaging
  • Preventing Offending and Harmful Sexual Behaviour



Together for Childhood Plymouth is to host the NSPCC’s PANTS campaign in the city, launching publicly on Saturday 28 September, and to professionals on Thursday 10 October. The campaign helps parents and professionals keep children safe, with the help of campaign mascot Pantosaurus – a giant, yellow, pants-wearing dinosaur. His PANTS rule helps families and professionals start age-appropriate conversations with children aged 3-11 in their care about staying safe from abuse. Traditionally adults have taught children about healthy eating and road safety, but conversations about staying safe from abuse are just as important, and Pantosaurus’ PANTS rule helps keep children safe without using scary words like ‘sex’ or ‘abuse’. As part of the year-long campaign, schools and early years & childcare settings are being encouraged to use NSPCC resources to teach children about the PANTS rule, while workshops and information sessions for parents and carers, staff, foster carers, faith groups and other professionals will be available.



The NSPCC’s Schools Service offers free safeguarding workshops and assemblies to all schools in Plymouth as part of its UK-wide programme. The interactive safeguarding sessions are delivered to children aged 5-11 by trained staff members and volunteers. Children learn about five types of abuse – physical, sexual, emotional, neglect and bullying, and the assemblies are specially tailored for each age group so that they learn in an age-appropriate, lively and memorable way.


To find out more about Together for Childhood Plymouth, you can contact them via email or follow @TFCPlymouth on Twitter.

You can download the poster for the PANTS campaign here


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